About The Company

With our experience all these years in Romanian ship market, we decided to take a further step, always aiming to offer the best services to our Customers. In this respect, we have established close and long term cooperation with Sorena Shipyard in Constanta, Romania. The premises include one floating dock with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum length = 117.30 m
  • Total width = 31.10 m
  • Inner width = 19.78 m
  • Total height = 12.34 m
  • Draught = 10.60 m
  • Dock weight = 7200.00 t
  • Lifting capacity = 4800.00 t
  • Traveling cranes = 2 pcs x 5 t
The company is fully equipped with all necessary machineries to follow up all kind of Marine and Industrial activities and to service Customer requirements.
Piping repairs / Renewal
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